We are a different kind of gun shop in Aurora, CO and the experience you will have is one that you will not easily find elsewhere. With our knowledge and relationships, we are in a unique position to offer a wide range of CZ products and customized services. We’ve built a solid reputation working with new shooters, junior shooters, ladies, world champions and everywhere in between.

With our decades of experience and solid reputation, why go anywhere else?

Let us give you the most important information, answer your technical questions and show you your options. We are NOT just trying to sell you a gun today, we want to build your trust and relationship for the future. We’ll tell you the truth about what you need – even if it doesn’t result in a sale for us. Refreshing right? Our employees are knowledgeable about the products we offer, we do not advise and only sell products that we believe in; We take the time to ensure you get the information you need to feel comfortable with your decision.


To serve our customers and industry partners with our expertise and knowledge. To consistently deliver the amazing CZ experience; with quality, integrity and outstanding customer service at the heart of what we do.


To be the most respected, trusted and sought after resource in the country in our niche, fitting, sales and technical service for CZ pistols, shotguns and rifles. To consistently demonstrate the ultimate in product knowledge and skill and inspire the confidence of gun enthusiasts worldwide.