The CZ Redhead Premier is the flagship series of overunder shotguns from esk zbrojovka available in 12- or 20-gauge. Featuring a one-piece CNC receiver the Redhead Premier is designed to be an all purpose shotgun just as comfortable to use shooting trap is it is to haul around on long hunts. The CZ Redhead Premier features ejectors and a set of five interchangeable chokes allowing shooters to customize the shot pattern of their firearm to meet specific needs.


Action Break Open – Gauge 20 – Chamber 3 – Capacity 2 – Finish Gloss Black Chrome – Stock Turkish Walnut – Chokes Includes 5 (FIMMICC) – Length of Pull 14.5 – Barrel Length 26 – Overall Length 43.75 – Weight 6.7 lb – The flagship of our overunder line the tried-and-true Redhead also gets our new 1-piece CNCed receiver. In addition it gets the same laser-cut checkering solid mid-ribs pistol grip and a classy white bead. The Redhead Premier is a true all-purpose shotgun its just as comfortable to shoot at a sporting clays event as it is when chasing chukhar in the mountains. With a silver receiver and ejectors that kick out the spent shells automatically the Redhead Premier is packed with features that cant be found on another shotgun in its price range. Available in 12 20 gauges with 3-inch chambers selectable barrels Turkish Walnut stocks independent auto ejectors and 5 flush-mount choke tubes all inside a hard plastic case.

UPC 806703064727
Gauge 20 GA
Capacity 2 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 26 BARREL
Weight 6.7
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